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Make Money Online by Sorting Your Prospects

Marketing is a sorting process. When you use a Funded Marketing Sponsoring System, your primary objection is not necessarily to recruit members into your primary business. This may be hard to swallow at times. Your primary task is to show how the marketing system will assist the prospect solve their problem.

That first task is to show them how to make money online. (Period) Marketing your primary business opportunity is actually the third step. (I hope this doesn't scare you!) You see, marketing should be like recruiting a new employee for a corporate job. Let's say a big corporation in your city is hiring a half dozen entry level positions and 2 upper managers.

They may list the jobs in the local newspapers but they probably will also list the upper manager positions in trade publications and business journals. The entry level positions might be open to accept applications for 2 weeks and the upper management positions may list their openings for 2 months. These are 2 different positions and they are handled in 2 different hiring plans. I could go on but you get the idea.

When you are looking to "recruit" into your own home based business, you are also going to sort when you use the "Funded Marketing Sponsoring System". First, you are going to invite your "Suspects" (remember, they are not yet "Prospect") to look at your marketing system. They are "Suspects" because you suspect they might want to be involved in a home based business or are involved with one.

After they look at your system, they either raise their hand and say they want more information, sign up or they move on. Just like the hiring team for the corporation, they will not contact everyone that places their application just the ones that qualify. At this point, they have only passed the first test and they have no idea what your primary business opportunity is. That first test is this: Do they want to make money online? You don't want to waste your time with "suspects" that expect you to talk them into a desire to make money! Either they want to make money or they don't. In the article, ("How To Make Money Online Marketing to Prospects and the Competition"), I mentioned there will be more information related to some points expressed in that article that would be clarified further in this article. One of those items is from this statement: (The first is to help them start a home based business that will assist them in fulfilling financial goals.

The second is to solve a problem for our prospects that the products or services of our home based business can remedy for them.) When offering the "Funded Marketing Sponsoring System" to a prospect, we have to offer them assistance building a home based business then communicate about our own home based business second and not in the reverse order. This is where it gets a little foggy as I mentioned in the previous article so stay close as I attempt to clarify the waters. This is where we are going to look at 2 methods of online marketing and 1 method of offline marketing using the "Funded Marketing Sponsoring System". They are as follows: 1.

Online method #1: Solution Marketing #1a- Using the Funded Marketing Sponsoring System to build our primary business opportunity. 2. Online method #2: Solution Marketing #2- Using the Funded Marketing Sponsoring System to MARKET TO YOUR COMPETITION.

3. Offline method #1: Solution Marketing #1b Using the Funded Marketing Sponsoring System to build our primary business opportunity. To be effective, you have to run a solution based advertising campaign. We have talked about this in the past but you have to solve a problem and your "suspect" becomes a "prospect".

In Online method #1 and Offline method #1 above, you are concentrating your efforts on placing your advertisement where prospective home based business seekers are looking for business opportunities. You are offering them a marketing system and showing them how they can quickly make money so they can cover the costs of their advertising. (Remember, you are providing solutions and the first solution is to eliminate their costs as soon as possible and start making a profit.

) In these 2 marketing methods, you will be showing your prospects the marketing system then your primary business opportunity. In Online method #2, you are marketing in areas where you expect to find other home based business owners. You are sharing a marketing system with them and demonstrating how they can be making money sooner (to cover their business costs) and they can "expose" their business opportunities to more prospects. With this method, you might also find prospects for your primary business.

(Just a side note, most people marketing on the internet use this to "directly" market their business and most people fail.) Here is a specific note on Offline method #1. Through the training, you will learn how to develop advertising campaigns and "test" them. It is far better to develop the advertising campaigns and test them online before placing them offline.

The reason is because of the costs of offline advertising and the way you can advertise online by paying for your results. (This is another article in itself and I do not know the timeframe of this article, sorry.).

Learn more marketing tips from Stephen Sampson by visiting his marketing Blog at: Learn How to Build Your Own Funded Sponsoring Business

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