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Network Marketing Personality Types to Avoid at All Costs

In your MLM career you will encounter all kinds of people. Some of them will help you more than others in building your business. By being able to recognize and understand some of the challenging personality types you'll be able to choose who you can manage and who you'll steer clear of.

People who Pressure with Unrealistically High Entry Fees Unless you can afford it and you love the products, you must avoid people who unnecessarily pressure you into high inventory loading or front loading. Your sponsor might be going to the quick sale and that can happen even after you joined as a distributor. Of course you will normally get a much higher profit margin if you buy more products, but you have to consider whether your prospects are willing to do the same thing.

Maybe they just want to be customers. Not all will come in at the most expensive entry level. Hardcore MLM Junkies Only join the team of serious networkers who work hard in their company and are in it for the long haul. Some MLM junkies are only in for the fast money and you will find it hard to locate your sponsor if he suddenly jumps off towards the next smoking hot opportunity.

Normally, an MLM junkie will join a company after he or she gets really hyped up by the opportunity meeting or rally. They will be on fire for a while before they lose steam and die a natural death. The root cause of the problem would be running into difficulties in their business and when they can't handle the struggles, they find reasons to leave and join other companies because they are better or because their upline is better. It's important to keep in mind that if we can solve the struggles within ourselves, then we will not find problems with our businesses. The main reason to hesitate joining an MLM junkie would be seeing him all hyped up about one opportunity and later on he will tell you to join another one and give reasons why the previous one he got you into is not as good as this one. The Energy Sucker Sometimes, the wisest move can be to turn this type of prospect away from your group.

The energy sucker is like a disease among the sheep. A good shepherd removes the diseased sheep from the flock to preserve the other sheep. Energy suckers carry too much emotional baggage and are the biggest cry babies in the networking industry. An energy sucker sucks your positive energy dry and can frustrate you with his problems like all the pain of his rejections, complaining about the company, the team, the staff or even the products. If you are not careful, that negative energy can get passed to your downline and he might influence them to leave.

The Talker These people are not bad people in and off themselves. They are great crowd pleasers and when you ask them to share testimonials or goal setting; they would be the first to give a rousing speech. The problem becomes when all they do is talk, and tag along and give all kinds of excuses to justify their lack of results.

You can't depend on them but yet you can't turn them away because they seem so sincere and have become one with the team. One of the best ways to deal with them, since they like all the attention, is to get them to bring their friends to home parties or rallies or any events organized by the company that will give them lots of fun. They will forget that they are doing work while you build your friendship with their prospects.

Mr or Ms Know-it-all and Heard It Before These are people who are very good analyzers and attend all the trainings and meetings. They write down every bit of information but don't create results. Because they are know-it-alls, they may give you a hard time when you are trying to educate them or coach them to success. They may not attend trainings with open minds because they think, oh I've heard this before, they are not teaching me anything new here. They may even start criticizing the event or training speakers. Training must be attended repeatedly so skills can be updated and reinforced.

This type of person would most probably be making little money in their network despite their large storehouse of information. The Snake This group of people is the biggest poison in the network marketing industry. They will do whatever it takes to recruit people into their network. Even if it means using unethical methods to get them.

Some of the tactics include high-pressure hard selling, friendship blackmail and worst of all, line pinching. Be very careful of these people when they are talking to your prospects. They will appear friendly and helpful, sharing with your prospects and welcoming them to the team, and the next thing you know it, they wind up in their downline. They might even pick at your own existing downline and entice them to get into other MLMs that they are already a part of. The Sloth These people will act just like a sloth.

They do nothing! They join MLM companies to purchase not a business opportunity, but to purchase hope. The surprise they find is that MLM requires work. They may attend all the meetings, rallies, home parties, reading all the books and listening to the tapes but will expect their uplines to do all of the network building for them. That is because there is one thing that he or she won't do.

He or she will not see the people. They won't get out there and talk to anyone. Instead of doing what they need to do to develop their business they sit back expecting their upline to do everything for them. The Negotiator When you approach someone with your opportunity and they are trying to sell you something at the same time, you might be facing a hard time if that person is adamant on selling you his wares or opportunity.

It's not that you must avoid every single negotiator, but bear in mind that these people can be very calculating and will only join your network if his or her price is met. Then they might start pinching lines from your network and you will find that your people have gone over to the other side. Afterwards, it would be too late for you to remove that spy within your midst. Other people in network marketing, especially the more established ones will take longer.

You may need to keep contacting them over a couple of weeks or months before they are ready to join your team.

Andrew Cocks and Terry Zambri are Certified Bob Proctor Life Success Consultants and Network Marketing Coaches. Their exclusive 3 step marketing system is creating massive success for their team. Visit their blog:

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