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Residual Income is the Key to Financial Freedom

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, spoke often of how important it was to be financially free in this generation. Many of us have chosen to deny our fates and to choose a life full of success, by choosing financial freedom over financial security. While most know that on this journey, we have all learned that success is not a destination it is a journey. By mastering the keys to be financially free, one knows that it is very important to know how to create residual income, or passive income. Residual Income simply means income that keeps coming in month after month, week after week, continually without you doing any work to keep it coming in. A great example of Residual income would be when you invest into real estate, and then you rent it out to a tenant, and every month he pays you income.

This is a way most people in this world have decided to choose to follow their destiny's by letting real estate be, their vehicle to creating residual income. You could also join a network marketing company, work with them to create a business, and after you become a success, most of the time what you do in the beginning will continue to pay you, long after you stop working. When I was in college, I was approached by a man who told me that if you want to feed a man for a day you feed him a fish.

He then said if you want to feed a man for eternity, you teach him how to fish. So how do we fish, well most of us already know how, but it is that desire to stay financially secure that keeps us from moving forward. The ether that which is located between your ears, is what I would call your financial genius.

If we could only learn how to use this ether in a constructive way, we would be able to reach our impossible dreams. So is college required to be financially free, the answer is no, but nevertheless it is very important, because it could teach you things that may be helpful for you in the future. As I said before, Success is not a destination, it is a journey. For all of those who are trying to find a way to earn residual income and or passive income, the internet is full of great ideas. So instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, you must first discover your reason why.

Why you want to be successful? If you do not know why you are trying to be successful, then your success won't get very far. Some think, it is easier for the rich to get richer than it is for those who are poor. Well I have observed the very direct opposite. It is just as easy for the poor to get rich as it is for the rich to get rich. When you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, the only place to go is up. But when you have riches, and you are too afraid to lose them, than you can only think to yourself, well what if lose these riches.

Those who are on the journey to be wealthy, know that if someone was to take away all that they had today, they could start again tomorrow and gain it all back one day. Feed a man a fish, you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish, and you feed him for life. All of you who are struggling to find your way, try starting with searching your mind, and look for what you enjoy doing. You have to focus on your dream and your reason why and seek help often.

Find a good mentor, and volunteer your time, to learn everything that your mentor has to teach. Soon your financial situation will change and if you are following the right mentor you will know. Choose to be financially free, instead of being financially secure, and learn how to create residual income starting today!.

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